R390 SSB Radio

Radio Relay International would like to thank everyone who provided feedback on the restructuring proposal introduced this past February. We received many comments regarding the proposal and, of the many comments received, all but two were not just positive, but most were enthusiastic!  

After reviewing volunteer feedback, the RRI Board voted to approve the proposed Certified Radio Operator training plan as developed. Furthermore, the Certified (Fast Telegram) Radiogram DTN Tunnel configuration has also been approved. The DTN tunnel concept as well as the methods used to interface to manual mode nets during the “last mile” relay and delivery process has been under test in several states with excellent results.

Beginning this month, RRI will implement the necessary training cycle. We will repeat each required RRI training course several times throughout the coming months to ensure everyone can attend. In the meantime, you will note that there are several on-line training courses required as part of the certification process. These on-line courses do not so much involve the “mechanics” of radio communications or the RRI system, but they are nonetheless important. These courses provide the necessary context for supporting agencies and interfacing with local emergency communications units as an EmComm infrastructure provider. Those desiring a CRO certification can register and begin attending these on-line courses immediately.

Within the coming week, RRI will post a training schedule built around the CRO program roll-out. An announcement will be emailed to all RRI Registered Radio Operators, and it will also be posted to the RRI web page.

The Certified Radio Operator training requirements and the procedures for routing Certified (Fast Telegram) precedence message traffic are posted on the “Publications” section of the RRI website under the heading “Certified Radio Operator Program.”