Basic Radiotelephone Net Procedures

Class TR-008

Designing an Emergency Communications Exercise – Class TR-009

Class TR-009

Basic Radiotelegraph (CW) Net Procedures

Class TR-010

An Introduction to Radio Relay International

(RATPAC Forum Presentation)

Recommendations for the Origination, Relay and Delivery of Radiogram-ICS213 Messages

(RATPAC Forum Presentation)

Interview from 2018 with Jim Wades (WB8SIW) and the late Joe Ames (W3JY-SK) explains why Radio Relay International was created. It also summarizes the RRI approach to public service communications.

Emergency Communications Planning – Class TR-006: An introduction to basic disaster telecommunications theory and emergency communications planning.

An overview of Radio Relay International, its policies and programs summarized for the local EmComm community.

RRI pioneered the Neighborhood Radio Watch concept and established the first prototype programs. Here is a presentation covering a typical system that leverages FRS and GMRS assets.

A Ham Radio Now interview with James Wades and Joseph Ames (SK). This video discusses the events leading to the creation of RRI, our management philosophy, goals and mission.