The NYC Radio Relay Traffic Net will be held on the N2ROW linked system at 8:30 PM on Mondays (joined with the NYC-ARECS Net) and Wednesdays/Fridays
(as a standalone traffic net).

The N2ROW repeater system has 441.100/136.5 PL (TAC 8) as the main frequency, but is linked to 145.230/114.8 PL (TAC 3) and 447.625/136.5 PL (TAC 6)
both in the Bronx. The links may be down at times, but they will be turned up for the nets (depending on interference). All stations that
originate, relay or deliver radiogram traffic are welcome to join in. While everyone is welcome, we will not be looking to artificially boost
the check-in numbers. This is a training and message relay net, not a check-in and secure net.

All radiogram traffic forms, training material and information can be
found at

Charles J. Hargrove – N2NOV
NYC-ARECS/RACES Citywide Radio Officer/Skywarn Coord.

NYC-ARECS/RACES Nets 441.100/136.5 PL
ARnewsline Broadcast Mon. @ 8:00PM
NYC-ARECS Weekly Net Mon. @ 8:30PM

NY-NBEMS Net Saturdays @ 10AM & USeast-NBEMS Net Wednesdays @ 7PM
on 7.036 Mhz USB (alt 3.536)/1500 hz waterfall spot; MFSK-16 or 32