Rotary Spark Transmitter

On February 27, 2024, Radio Relay International hosted a meeting of Registered Radio Operators, the purpose of which was to discuss a proposed restructuring process.

Over the past year, the RRI Emergency Communications Committee and Board of Directors have been developing a proposal designed to restructure RRI operations to allow continued growth and evolution. Managing both existing and emerging constraints in the operational environment has been a particular concern.

At the foundation of the proposal is the requirement to “do no harm” to existing programs, such as the National Traffic System (NTS). RRI will continue to provide infrastructure for NTS while encouraging participation in the program. However, in response to the multiple failed attempts to engender cooperation with ARRL leadership and considering the emerging disruptions of the NTS2.0 process in which RRI has no input, steps must be taken to protect RRI.

The restructuring plan will create a limited separation between RRI and NTS operations. It will also introduce innovations designed to solve long-standing problems in the traffic system, many of which have been difficult or impossible to address in the current, fractured environment. The implementation of this plan will allow RRI to promote modernization and evolution toward an operational methodology focused on customer service and a high-level of professionalism unencumbered by existing constraints.

The entire presentation may be found on YouTube at:

Based on volunteer feedback, it appears the proposed restructuring process has broad support. Further news regarding implementation will be forthcoming after the March, 2024 RRI Board meeting.

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